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Many ladies are worrying about the hair problems

So many ladies are concerning the hair bifurcation problems. Hair perm after the damage is severe, the tail of the split ends hair greatly affects the perception, how do we do? Today to introduce hair causes and ways to repair split ends split ends! So there are many laides are buying cheap wigs now.


The so-called "split" refers to the end of a hair into two, or even split into several filaments. In fact, the hair open and can be avoided.


So why hair will split it for several reasons:? First, the hair is too long, the second is often perm, hair dryer blowing hot with three strong alkaline soap her hair too often, the four health situation is not very good. , some of the nutrients necessary for the growth of hair less.


Human hair structure, from the center to the exterior can be divided into three layers: the outermost layer called "hair cuticle", the thinnest; hair beneath a layer of epidermis called "cortex", the thickest; center within one of the most layer, called "medulla." Hair cuticle is composed of many dead skin cells and keratin composition, concentrated the direction of hair growth outward arranged one after the other. Scalp hair follicles are launched within the outwardly beyond the part of the scalp, all are dead cells. Therefore, when the hair is too long, too long exposed to the outside between the terminal portion of the hair cells and cells of the lateral adhesion, it may gradually loosen (longitudinal adhesion between the hair cells in the lateral tight adhesions).


Hair is too dry, inadequate nutrition, often used too strong alkaline shampoo, sun exposure and improper hair, perm, hair dryer and other hair can cause split ends. The best solution for this is to buy cheap wigs to wear at auwigsale.com!!