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In fact, not many people want to go at the top of the tide, they seem not gregarious, but they are actually in their own way. Recently also developed their own way out of this to non-mainstream. For non-mainstream hairstyle is, how easily it can allow himself to be natural. This is not an easy thing. Cheap cheap store gave you find several non-mainstream girl hairstyle, if you are tired, then catch up with the trend, try these cheap synthetic wigs, maybe it can give you a different feeling.


Mawei craze blows from the spring and summer autumn and winter, disorderly curly hair tail, very suitable for young girls, cheerful personality, good electricity or electric hair curling volumes, plus a cute hair accessories, you can change a pretty simple hairstyle with cheap wigs.

Grab the whole bundle of hair, and then move to the right, way to slanting ring with hair fixed.


With his left hand grasping the situation got out of the beam, right thumb and index finger, with hair from the tail to the inverse comb, will be able to create a fluffy feeling.

When inverse comb, remember fingertips dip wax, this will be a bunch of a bunch of disorderly feeling! Let the tail looks like disorderly curling, feeling super pretty when you put on the cheap synthetic wigs.